Botanical Extraction : 99.79% sugarcane ethanol, absolute anhydrous /FD


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99.79% sugarcane ethanol , absolute anhydrous / FD

Shipping :  2-3 days (Excluding weekends)

Gauteng R 100.00 ex vat (up to 25Kg)

Rest of South Africa @ R 130 00 ex vat (up to 25Kg)

Cross border/International - please email . Orders will be processed via the sales team


Pure natural sugarcane ethanol denatured with acetaldehyde , a highly evaporative compound. This is a pharmaceutical grade base solely used for all botanical extractions.




Our extraction alcohol solvent can be used for :
THC extraction
CBD extraction
Plant matter extraction
Botanical extraction
​Herbal extraction
Cannabis extraction
​oil extraction

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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