Botanical Extraction Solvents

January 31, 2021

Do you require high quality botanical extraction solvents ?

What can I use to do my botanical extractions ?

We offer 3 high purity products that can be used for botanical extractions

  • Pure ethanol (99.9% undenatured sugarcane ethanol) Excise duties apply for non-rebated client
  • Extraction base : 99.79% sugarcane ethanol denatured with 0.2% acetaldehyde -a highly evaporative compound
  • Extraction base : 96% sugarcane ethanol rectified (ENA) with 0.2% acetaldehyde -a highly evaporative compound

Which one should I use ?

  • Pure ethanol (undenatured) is a food grade spec and can be used in all consumable products e.g. alcohol beverage manufacturing, food preparations, tinctures etc
  • We advise that the extraction base be used for extraction purposes only as it does contain a denaturant.